See objects in a different light

Martin Waters art
Martin Waters art

WELL-KNOWN Hull-based artist Martin Waters is bringing his unique brand of environmental art to the Pocklington Arts Centre.

Visitors will get the rare chance to see Martin’s exciting exhibition Collections and Assemblages, Created from Spurn Point found objects.

Martin is at the forefront of creating artworks from recycled materials.

He has been collecting materials for most of his life but, in the last few years, he has made artworks specifically using waste found at Spurn Point.

Martin says that the link he is making with archaeology is the discovering, collecting, recording, arranging, mounting and displaying of found objects.

As an innovator in this genre of art, Martin has captured the imagination of his audience and has inspired others to view waste materials in a different light.

His exhibition opened at the Arts Centre on Monday and will run until Saturday 18 February.