Secondary school among just five in county to fill all of its places

Beverley High School.
Beverley High School.

Beverley High School is one of just five secondary schools in the East Riding that has filled all the places it has available for the academic year 2016-17.

It comes as nearly all East Riding parents of children moving to secondary school this year have got places for them at their preferred school.

Letters to parents telling them the outcome of their applications for secondary places in September were sent out last Tuesday. All local authorities in England have to send the letters out on the same date.

In the East Riding, of 3,308 applications received 3,188 (96.4%) have been allocated places at their first choice school and 3,280 (99.2%) have places at one of their three choices of school.

As in previous years, most (76.7%) of children living in the East Riding will be going to their catchment area school.

A total of 344 children living in other local authority areas have been allocated places at schools in the East Riding, with the largest number (264) coming from Hull.

A total of 249 East Riding resident children have been allocated places at schools in other local authority areas, including 118 who have been given places at schools in Hull.

Five secondary schools in the East Riding – Beverley High School, Bridlington School, Cottingham High School, South Hunsley School and Wolfreton School – have filled all the places they have available.

The numbers on roll at secondary schools in the East Riding have been falling since 2011. With smaller year groups still feeding through from the primary schools, the numbers at secondary schools are expected to continue to reduce over the next few years. From 2018 onwards, the larger year groups which have started at primary schools in recent years will begin to feed into the secondary schools.

Councillor Julie Abraham, East Riding Council portfolio holder for children, young people and education, said: “It is again pleasing to see such a high proportion of parents getting places for their children at their preferred choice of school. It is also again pleasing to see that so many parents want their children to be a part of their local community and want to support their local catchment area school.”