Scalded by Starbucks coffee

The Starbucks at Pocklington Services where the incident occured
The Starbucks at Pocklington Services where the incident occured

A woman found herself in unbearable pain when her boiling hot coffee scalded her at a Pocklington drive-through cafe.

Jane Haw screamed out in agony when her coffee from Starbucks, at the Pocklington Services off the A1079, spilled across her legs and stomach when the lid came loose.

The 39-year-old visited the drive-through Starbucks on Friday June 17 and was handed her coffee with a cardboard sleeve but no holder.

Carefully, Jane, from Wilberfoss, placed the take-away drink between her legs to drive to a parking space.

“Unfortunately I didn’t make it to the space, the lid somehow came off and the coffee spilled all over my legs and stomach,” said Jane.

“It was agony, I jumped out of the car and stripped off the clothing on my legs.

“I forced myself to drive back home, I had to pull over twice to calm myself down I was in so much pain.”

Jane spent the day in Accident and Emergency and has been returning all week to have her blistering injury redressed.

The serious scalding is likely to scar and the pain and discomfort has meant Jane is still off work.

Having called the Starbucks at Pocklington, she was told to email the area manager and the quality and safety department.

It was a week after Jane had initially got in touch that Starbucks came back to her.

“I’m irritated by their lack of compassion,” said Jane. “I’m just appalled by the fact that they haven’t got back to me.”

Jane had expressed her concerns about not being given a cardboard holder for safety and the temperature of the coffee.

“I assumed when I wasn’t handed one that it wasn’t something they provided. Other drive-throughs like McDonalds use them.”

Starbucks have since got back to Jane and said cardboard holders are only provided when asked or if more than one drink is purchased.

A spokesman for Starbucks said: “The safety of our customers and partners is our top priority and we are sorry to hear about this incident.”