Saved bus service hit by road block

The Amos Drive restriction 'a blow to residents'.
The Amos Drive restriction 'a blow to residents'.

A bus service which was saved by Pocklington Town Council has been hit by a road block.

Part of the route around Pocklington has been blocked following action by a resident who had discovered there was a restriction on Amos Drive, stopping buses travelling down that stretch of the highway.

The service, which was rescued by the town council following a £6,200 funding package, can no longer pick up people on the Broadmanor Estate.

The route, operated by East Yorkshire Motor Services (EYMS) on Tuesdays and Fridays is unregistered, which means it operates free of charge to passengers.

This service had been running along the Old Town service circuit plus the extension to and from the Health Centre to turn around at the roundabout by Pocklington Services close to Pocklington Industrial Estate.

The original 198 town bus service was lost in the last reorganisation, and following consultation with residents, the town council agreed to fund it for a six-month period before being reviewed.

A Town Council spokesman said: “Somewhere in the planning application for one of the estates it says because the road hasn’t been designed in a certain way we can’t run the bus service down that particular road.

“It is on one part of the Broadmanor Estate. It’s on the very new section on Amos Drive where the doctors surgery is.

“The bus service can’t use that stretch of road which basically means it can’t get through from the doctors to the rest of Broadmanor.

“We have asked the East Riding of Yorkshire Council for some information to see how we can progress.

“The rest of the bus service is running absolutely fine, it’s just that section of the route.

“At the moment the service covers the Old Town route which is Sherbuttgate, Denison Road, The Oval, West Green and down to the roundabout at the services and comes back into town.

“It just can’t get down Amos Drive which is a blow for the residents wanting to use the service.”

Pocklington Ward Councillor Andy Strangeway said: “The town council may have to look at using a smaller bus so it can operate on Broadmanor.

“As I understand it the service uses a large bus so there might be a chance to provide the service with a smaller one.”