Sancton’s grant for play space

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A GRANT has been awarded to Sancton Parish Council for a children’s play area to be built in the village.

The £8,700 grant from Waste Recycling Environmental Limited (WREN) will cover much of the costs needed to build the play space.

The facility will cost around £10,000 and Sancton Parish Council will have to make a contribution of around £500 towards the project.

Plans to build a play area off Houghton Lane in the village have been in place since December 2005 and the parish council is delighted it can finally move forward with the scheme.

Stanley Stokes, the council’s clerk, said: “There is no facility for children to play at the moment.

“We are delighted to receive the grant and delighted the council can move forward with something we have been wanting to do for a long time.

“It will give children somewhere they can play safely.”

The council have been working with an organisation called Playscape to put together the bid for the grant from WREN.

Before work can go ahead on the play area, Sancton Parish Council need to obtain the lease of the land from East Riding Council.

They must also get approval from WREN on the design of the land, which has not yet been settled.

Playscape have been talking to parents and children in the village to decide what equipment the play area should have.

Permission to build a play area on the land has already been granted by East Riding Council but Sancton Parish Council may have to go back to the local authority for further approval once they know what equipment is going on the land.

For the Sancton village plan in 2006, questionnaires were sent out to villagers to find out what they thought about a play space being built.

Subsequently, they found that 61.1 per cent of people in Sancton wanted a play area, 12.5 per cent were against the idea and 18 per cent did not give an opinion.

Mr Stokes said: “More than half of the population thought there should be a play area. The parish council try to give the parish what they want.

“I think 61 per cent is significant enough.”

The play space in Sancton is one of a number of projects that WREN have given grants to in the Yorkshire and Humber region recently.

The organisation, which is UK’s largest distributive environmental body, distributes money from the Landfill Communities Fund (LCF) to community and environmental projects within ten miles of landfill sites operated by Waste Recycling Group Ltd.

Ben Walker, Grants Manager for Yorkshire and Humber, said: “The grants made under the Landfill Communities Fund look to improve community life by enhancing existing facilities, including play areas and village halls. The projects that we’ve funded will all make a positive contribution to the local community and we would encourage any organisations looking for funding to contact WREN and find out more about how the Landfill Communities Fund can help.”