Safeguarding Golden Number to raise youngster concerns

A Golden Number is hoped to be promoted throughout the community to ensure it is recognised to be callled to raise concerns regarding the safety and wellbeing of a child or young person.

The Golden Number, 01482 395500, was on the agenda at the Children and Young People Sub Committee held at County Hall, Beverley on Wednesday 14 October with recommendations made to the Children Review Panel.

Ward Councillors Stephen Lane, Claude Mole and Kay West, who attended the meeting said: “Contacts to the Golden Number demonstrate that it is widely used.

“The service is able to offer a professional response by a team who are co-located with the Police providing an efficient response to child care concerns.

“As Ward members we want to ensure that the Golden Number is promoted as widely as possible, any young person who is in need of support should know there is someone to help them and most importantly what number to ring to access that help.”