Running stall a piece of cake

Chris Fox with a selection of wedding cakes.
Chris Fox with a selection of wedding cakes.

A tasty new stall is cooking up some amazing treats and specialist cakes every Tuesday at Pocklington Market.

Chris’s Home Bakes stall, run by Chris Fox, has a wide offering of goodies, including sugar-free products for diabetics along with gluten, wheat and dairy free bakes.

Chris has always had a passion for baking and cooking has been a part of her life from as far back as she can recall.

She has constantly baked which then led her to start cake decorating classes in the 1980s.

Chris also entered the Great British Bake Off in the show’s third year and got down to the last 80 contestants out of 13,000 entrants.

Chris is the owner of CakeDream Creations, which creates one-off cakes and cup cakes for special occasions such as birthdays, weddings and anniversaries – and is planning to run cake decorating classes for all abilities later this year.

These include Belgium chocolate modelling, basics on covering a cake correctly and making roses and leaves.

Chris said: “Over the last few weeks since I started my market stall on a Tuesday there has been quite a number of people who have discussed their dietary problems or that of a member of their family.

“While I already bake gluten, wheat and dairy free, I decided to look more into diabetic recipes, and in particular the various sugar substitutes available, and it was during this process I came upon Xylitol.

“It’s made from 100% Birch Tree extract from Finland with no other Xylan or corn ingredients and therefore is an ideal alternative for any diabetic or those wanting a healthy style of eating.

“This year I am also intending to commence cake decorating classes in and around Pocklington for beginners, intermediate and more advanced. I’d be delighted to hear from anyone should you be interested.

“Also, if you would like to order a special one-off cake please come and see me at the stall.

“From my eBay shop you can order cake toppers, wedding favours, wedding biscuits, bride and groom biscuits, millionaires shortbread pizza with name of recipient and boxed, large gingerbread boy/girl decorated with name on and much more.

“Call 01759 528653 or 07772 016351, visit my Facebook site at or email for more information.”