RSPCA ‘investigating further’ after shocking image of horse is posted on Facebook

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The RSPCA says it is still investigating reports that a horse has died in a field in the area, with a Facebook user claiming it was “left to starve.”

It comes after a picture of what appears to be a dead foal was posted on Facebook by the person who made the above comment.

The foal, which looks thin in the picture, was found lying on its side in a South Cave field. The shocking image has caused outrage among animal-lovers on social media. The woman who posted the image on her Facebook page said: “Left to starve in South Cave...Action is needed.”

The RSPCA says an officer visited the field but no dead horse was found.

A spokesperson for the charity said: “We are aware of the owner and are investigating further.

“The horses at the scene have been checked over and are in a suitable field with hay and water.

“We will be monitoring the situation.”

A spokesperson for Humberside Police added: “Officers were called to a field in Beverley Road, South Cave, following reports a horse had died.

“Investigations revealed all the animals were alive and well.”