Road in desperate need of repair being resurfaced

In need of repair...Clayfield Close, in Pocklington.
In need of repair...Clayfield Close, in Pocklington.

A Pocklington street in desperate need of repair is being resurfaced, East Riding Council has confirmed.

The road surface on Clayfield Close has deteriorated over recent years and the street has been identified as in need of road maintenance by the authority.

Work was due to get underway yesterday (2 September) and be completed by tomorrow (4 September).

An East Riding Council spokesperson said: “There are no further plans to carry out any other resurfacing carriageway works in Pocklington this financial year but an extensive list of carriageways within Pocklington formed part of this year’s surface dressing programme.

“Surface dressing is a valuable tool in highway maintenance that can, for a relatively low cost, prevent the development of potholes and costly reactive repairs. The treatment seals the surface of the carriageway preventing water ingress and therefore prolonging its life.”

These roads were surface dressed in Pocklington this year:

The Mile, Mile End Park, Southfield Road, Wellington Close, Meadowfield Close, Southfield Close, Strother Close, Fetherston Close, Browning Road, Harper Close, Dorrington Close, Saunders Crescent, Thurlow Avenue, Rundle Court, Morgan Close, Nicholson Close, Lord Drive, McGrath Close, Kings Close and Broadmanor.

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