Review: Platform Festival a roaring success

The Magic Numbers
The Magic Numbers

Saturday 18 July saw the final day of the Pocklington’s first Platform Music and Comedy Festival, and what a wonderfully packed day of music it was!

Sam Griffiths opened up the day with an impassioned solo performance with acoustic guitar which included three new songs; Shelter From The Storm went down particularly well with the attentive, seated audience.

This was followed by the brilliant Buffalo Skinners who played a wonderfully varied set, from plaintive ballads to a full on band sound which included fiddle, keyboard, drums, electric guitar and bass and beautiful harmonies. ‘Remember Me?’ - we certainly will!

Next to perform on Platform 2 as David Ford set up his numerous instruments for his slot on Platform 1, was charismatic local girl, Beth McCarthy who was most expressive in her performance. She entertained us royally with her song Mr Cliché, and the story behind it.

David Ford proved to be quite a character, and almost made the audience dizzy as he dashed around the stage playing various instruments to his layered up sounds on a loop pedal – a truly unique performance! ‘Pour A Little Poison’ and ‘Everytime’ were just two of his very reflective numbers.

T.E. Morris sang some impassioned numbers from Platform 2, to be followed by sensational Stornoway, who played a wonderful variety of numbers, including their single, ‘Zorbing’ and an awesome acoustic version of the Yazoo 80s hit ‘Hold On.’

I have to say too, what a great atmosphere there was at this festival, everyone seemed very relaxed, enjoying good music, food and refreshments. Credit should be given to Janet Farmer and her team, who worked tirelessly to ensure the smooth running of this exciting new Pocklington Platform.

The Grand Ole Uke of York went down a storm in an earlier slot than scheduled; it was a case of ‘Don’t Stop Me Now’ we were all having such a good time.

The Shires got a very warm welcome too, putting the cool in country music with such numbers as ‘I Love’ and Jekyll and Hyde. Their harmonies were delightful throughout their engaging set.

Dan Webster clearly demonstrated that he was a seasoned singer-songwriter, and accompanied by other musicians thoroughly entertained the crowd from Platform 2.

Platform 3 outside featured young musicians from York’s Access To Music College, it was good to see them being given a platform to demonstrate their talent.

Then it was on to the headliners, with The Magic Numbers blasting out Masquerade so loudly you could practically hear your ribs rattling! They clearly had a flock of fans attending, and by the time they played ‘She Don’t Love Me Like You’, the crowd were going wild.

Barcode Zebra, a four-piece band played some wonderful original numbers from Platform 2, while the Platform 1 stage was being set up for the headlining act, Bellowhead.

The excitement mounted, and the crowd gathered in front of the stage in anticipation of Bellowhead’s stunning live show. They weren’t disappointed, this blistering 11-piece band’s energy, enthusiasm and fabulous fusion of folk and funk, amongst other styles, together with a wonderful theatricality, ensured that the festival ended on a high. I just wish the sound quality had been a little better, there seemed to be far too much booming bass, which very often swamped the individual fiddle playing. However, there’s no doubt that this first Platform Music Day was a roaring success.