barbara fawcett
barbara fawcett

A retired head teacher from Beverley has undergone a pioneering sight operation to have super power lenses implanted in her eyes and restore her sight after developing the common condition of cataracts.

Barbara Fawcett, 65 was diagnosed with cataracts after successfully wearing contact lenses for most of her adult life. After discussing her deteriorating sight with a Yorkshire eye surgeon, she opted for an advanced visionary treatment to regain her sight and enable her to shelve her specs. The procedure, called Advanced Refractive Cataract Surgery meant removing Barbara’s clouded cataract to insert a super power lens to restore her vision – all within a 20 minute procedure.

After wearing glasses since the age of seven, she chose to wear contact lenses from the age of 22. She experienced no problems whatsoever so suddenly noticing a change in her sight was significant and a worry. As a result her deteriorating sight, her favoured pastimes of reading and sewing ground to a halt. Barbara was diagnosed with cataracts and referred to Mr Milind Pande, at Vision Surgery. During her consultation, Mr Pande revealed that she would need to have her own lenses removed and replaced, as well as having corrective vision surgery at the same time. He recommended a bespoke solution which involved inserting a combination of powerful lenses to ensure her sight was restored to that of someone half her age. He recommended replacing her clouded lens in the left eye with a reading lens and replacing her clouded right lens with a powerful distance lens. Barbara’s brain was to compensate to make her vision complete!

Commenting on her procedure Barbara, who has 2 grown up children and 4 grandchildren, said: “I can’t believe how quick the procedure is. My eyes were operated on separately and each time the entire process was over within half a day and I could go home. Results were almost evident straight away - the next morning it was truly amazing – beyond description. My brain has certainly compensated well and I have fabulous vision – that of someone half my age I am told!

“It truly is a life changing experience. Those who have never experienced life through short-sighted eyes could not begin to imagine how amazing it feels to suddenly have clear vision.”

Milind Pande said: “Barbara’s eyesight was terrible, she was in the bottom one per cent for poor eyesight, with 16 degrees of myopia in her left eye and 7 degrees in her right. I am delighted with the results of her treatment and am pleased she can now resume her hobbies and enjoy life with such fantastic vision.”

An estimated 20 million people worldwide suffer with cataracts, which occur as a result of clouding and stiffening of the natural lens of the eye. Vision Surgery offers a wide range of treatments in addition to advanced refractive cataract surgery, including laser vision correction, presbyopia lens exchange surgery (PRELEX), and implantable contact lenses.

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