Residents in battle for a safer junction

M W A1079 - Jackie & Nigel campaigning for a roundabout
M W A1079 - Jackie & Nigel campaigning for a roundabout

CONCERNED residents in Market Weighton have formed an action group in the hope of making a “dangerous” junction in the town safer.

A group of parents decided to form the group after a fatal accident at the junction recently which is situated at the end of Holme Road that leads onto the A1079.

On Saturday, 12 March, a 37-year-old motorcyclist, named by police as Simon Parker, from Bolton Percy, died after colliding with a horsebox driven by a 59-year-old East Yorkshire woman.

Jackie Neeves-Redpath, of Sandfield Close, is leading the campaign which aims to raise awareness about the junction and force East Riding Council to do something about it.

She said: “Nothing is being done by the council so we think if we get together as a community we will get something done about it.”

Mrs Neeves-Redpath believes the junction is a danger and would like to see East Riding Council reduce the current speed limit of 60mph or build a roundabout at the junction to make it safe. She would also like to see road markings made clearer at the junction.

Mrs Neeves-Redpath said: “Ever since it was built it’s been a danger.

“The council say they’ve done enough with that road. They’ve put speed cameras up but they are too far away.

”I think we need a roundabout or to reduce the speed limit and make the road markings clearer. They’ve almost disappeared.”

Mayor of Market Weighton, councillor Peter Hemmerman, and Coun Nigel Chicken, of Market Weighton Town Council, have given their backing to the campaign.

To gather more support the group have left petitions in various shops in Market Weighton for people to fill in with the aim of getting between 1,000 and 1,500 signatures.

Mrs Neeves-Redpath thinks East Riding Council have failed to fulfil their promises in recent years to make the junction safer.

She claims that around four years ago councillor Mike Clubley from East Riding Council told her that funds were being made available for a roundabout to be built at the junction but still nothing has happened.

She said: “We feel we must act and do as much as we can before more people are killed here. Too many years and broken promises by our local council have gone by. It’s time to make a change.”

East Riding Council argue that they are pushing for a roundabout to be installed as part of plans to build a new doctor’s surgery near the junction.

A spokesperson for the council said: “The council’s planning committee has approved a development including housing and a doctor’s surgery that includes provision, at the developer’s expense, of a new roundabout at the A1079 Holme Road junction. This is subject to the landowners’ agreement and the council is pressing the issue as the roundabout is a priority.

“As an addition, the council did some work in 2005 at this junction to refresh the lay-out and since then speed cameras have also been introduced on A1079. The accident rate has significantly reduced at this location, notwithstanding the accident earlier this month.”

Meanwhile, Humberside Police will be introducing a potentially life-saving card to ensure motorcyclists get rapid medical attention if they are involved in a road traffic collision.

The card, funded by the Highways Agency and the brain child of the Essex Ambulance Motorcycle Club, will be handed out to motorcyclists at BikeSafe Humberside events and will be supplied to various motorcycle retail outlets.

Humberside Police and the Highways Agency hope riders will fill in the cards with vital life-saving information about themselves, including next of kin and any medical history, which can help clinicians who may need to treat them following a collision.