Residents concerned over plans for a digestion plant

Site location of the proposed anaerobic digestion plant.
Site location of the proposed anaerobic digestion plant.

There are growing concerns amongst residents of Holme-on-Spalding Moor at the prospect of a anaerobic digestion plant being built on Park Lane.

The green energy digestion plant follows a natural process. The plant at Park Lake, in Market Weighton Road, would process 70,000 tones of vegetable, fish and poultry waste and pet food by-products.

Residents are concerned over the location of the plant, as the site entrance is positioned on an already notorious bend, the potential odour of the plant and the visual impact it will have on its surroundings.

Resident Jayne Green said: “It’s not a minor extension here its a digestion plant people really need to be aware of. We are trying to delay the decision making process because we want to find out more.”

A meeting was held last Thursday by the parish council. Chairman Peter Hastings said a meeting was called to listen to people against the application and the parish council voted to reject the digestion plant. East Riding Council has received 16 objections. The council’s planning committee will consider the application next Thursday (17 December).

A spokesperson from Gascorp Beta said: “The project is a green renewable energy plant and our experts have stated that matters such as noise, odour and the road network does not have a congestion or capacity issue which flows below the agreed capacity thresholds, the changes in traffic flow per day are low and would not materially affect the network or give rise to any safety issues.”