Residents angered by developers’ mess

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ANGRY residents in Market Weighton are fed up with the dirt, noise and congestion being caused by housing developers working in the town and are demanding they clean up their act.

Residents near two developments in the town, one on Ash Grove and Beech Grove and the other on Holme Road, believe workers are ignoring rules and regulations in place and want something done about it.

They are particularly annoyed about developers destroying trees last year on the Ash Grove and Beech Grove site.

Contactors have also been accused of creating too much dirt and making a lot of noise out of normal working hours.

Ian Singleton, of Glenfield Avenue, is one resident who has had enough of the situation.

He said: “It has been horrendous. It’s gone on for five years. They’ve destroyed trees. They said the trees were rotten. I don’t believe them and we’ve lost all the wildlife.

“We’ve had lots of dirt and mud on the road and people are walking mud into their houses.

“When they started on the site there were so many rules for them like they can’t work bank holidays. But they do. They worked last Easter and builders are working on Sundays on both sites.”

Mr Singleton claims he has seen workers breaking the speed limit in their lorries and using mobile phones while driving.

He said: “The big lorries have been driving down here in excess of the speed limit using their mobile phones. I would get done if I was driving with my mobile phone. It’s just a law they are breaking willy-nilly.”

Mr Singleton has contacted the police, East Riding Council’s enforcement officer, MP Greg Knight and Market Weighton Town Council but he believes it has made no difference whatsoever.

He said: “Nobody wants to do anything about it.”

Mayor of Market Weighton, Peter Hemmerman, claims there is very little the town council can do to help.

He said: “Developers are holding all the cards and pulling all the strings. They’re not acting in the manner residents would like them to.

“Market Weighton Council can do very little about this. As for the residents concerned, as a town council we can’t act against developers on our own.

“We’re trying to get as much action as possible. It seems East Riding Council are sitting on their hands and not doing anything.

“I don’t think they will be able to do anything about this.”

He added: “The developers don’t seem to care about the residents.”

David Wilson Homes and parent company Barratts, who are working on the two sites, argue they are doing as much as they can to cause as little disruption as possible.

A spokesperson for David Wilson said: “It is our policy at David Wilson Yorkshire East of taking every reasonable measure to ensure that our building work causes as little disruption and untidiness as possible.

“The happiness of the residents at all of our developments is very important to us and we have an outstanding record in this regard built over many years.”