Renewable energy scheme is rejected

Gascorp Beta wanted to build a green energy digestion plant at Park Farm (pictured) in Holme-on-Spalding Moor.
Gascorp Beta wanted to build a green energy digestion plant at Park Farm (pictured) in Holme-on-Spalding Moor.

Contentious plans to build a green energy digestion plant near Holme-on-Spalding Moor have been refused by planners.

A planning application to build the plant at Park Farm, on Market Weighton Road, went before East Riding Council’s planning committee, which turned it down mainly because of the location of the plant.

The applicant, Gascorp Beta, wanted to create a plant that would process 70,000 tonnes of vegetable, fish, poultry and pet food waste and produce biogas, a source of renewable energy. East Riding Council received 121 objections to the renewable energy scheme from residents.

Residents were concerned over the location of the plant, as the site entrance is positioned on an already notorious bend, the potential odour of the plant and the visual impact it will have on its surroundings. Holme-on-Spalding Moor Parish Council also objected to the application.

Mike Southgate, a member of the campaign group Holme Front, which was set up in response to the application, said: “One of the problems was nobody in the village knew about it. That is why we did a leaflet drop and let everyone know about it. We had a fantastic response from residents.

“We are not against anaerobic digestion plants but they need to be in the right place. This is only 300 metres from the nearest houses. Even though the applicant said there would be no odour we had our own chemical engineer who said there was no way you can stop it completely.”

Howdenshire ward councillor Victoria Aitken said: “I think it is the right decision. It is important to understand that we do need these waste management sites but we need them in the right place. I don’t think this was in the right place.

“I was dubious about it from the outset, my concern is that it’s only about 300 meters from the nearest residential houses and the entrance to the site is on the bend of a major road. Also, it is close to a Grade I listed building - All Saints’ Church.”

East Riding Council’s director of planning and economic regeneration Alan Menzies recommended that the application be approved subject to a number of conditions.

A spokesperson for the applicant said: “We are disappointed it was turned down, we need renewable energy projects. We think it is an ideal site for an anaerobic digestion plant.”