Region has the fewest ‘big supermarkets’

Councils in East Yorkshire have seen the fewest planning applications in England from the “big four” supermarkets, it has been revealed.

Since 2008, plans for three new supermarkets in the region and one application for advertising have been successful. London has the most new stores with 110 approved over the past two years.

The figures were obtained by researchers looking at the expansion of Tesco, Asda, Sainsbury’s and Morrisons.

Local authorities around the UK were asked how many planning applications had been successful in the two years, including those for existing buildings which had already been in use as shops.

Britain’s planners have approved 577 stores from the four chains from 1 November 2008. After London, the fastest growing region was the North West with 62 applications.

Of the successful applications made in East Yorkshire, two were for Tesco stores in Driffield and Hornsea.

Planners have also given the go-ahead to a new Morrisons in Goole, which opened earlier this year.

Decisions are pending for three new Tesco stores in Hull, Welton and Immingham.

Pocklington has a Sainsbury’s while Market Weighton has a Tesco store. The closest others stores from the “big four” are in York, Hull and Driffield.