Really wild activities to suit families

CBBC presenter Ben Shires.
CBBC presenter Ben Shires.

A number of exciting activities have been unveiled to accompany the Wildlife Photographer of the Year exhibition at Beverley Art Gallery – one of the key East Riding events in Hull UK City of Culture 2017.

One of the highlights will be The Really Really Wild Day on Saturday 18 February at the Treasure House, from 10am to 3pm.

Miss Nutella Nutkins and Professor Bumble the Badger.

Miss Nutella Nutkins and Professor Bumble the Badger.

This will be a fun day for all ages at the start of the school half term holiday.

It will offer a chance to visit the exhibition, and see a great deal more besides.

This will include a guest appearance from CBBC presenter Ben Shires (presenter of ‘Officially Amazing’), who hails from Beverley.

He will give a talk and entertain visitors with his amazing animal facts.

The Really Really Wild Day will also feature a number of small animals to be handled by visitors throughout the day, such as a snake, rabbit, guinea pig, giant stick insect and a giant millipede.

Visitors will also meet Professor Bumble the Badger and Headmistress Miss Nutella Nutkins of the Acorn Academy with their little gyspy cart.

They are coming to the Treasure House and Art Gallery on a field trip collecting wildlife objects for their show and tell collection. They will amuse children, families and visitors as they pop into the gallery during the day and also venture into the town centre briefly.

Education officer Sarah Hammond said: “The Really Really Wild Day will showcase the exhibition, and I hope it will bring people of all ages in to the Treasure House. Come and have fun and find out more about everything the exhibition –and the rest of the Treasure House – has to offer!”

Other highlights of the events programme linked to the Wildlife Photographer of the Year exhibition include:

Photography workshops with, and talks by, award-winning wildlife photographer Steve Race

Award-winning wildlife photographer George Stoyle talking about photography in conservation and research

Making Crazy Cardboard Critters and homes for bugs

The BigBuzz Family Photography Workshop with Anneliese Emmans Dean.

Full details of the Really Really Wild Day – and the full events programme - are available on the Art Gallery website :