Raising funds in memory of beloved mother

Gary Cawthorne and Anna Walgate
Gary Cawthorne and Anna Walgate

A Driffield couple are set to complete a 10k run to raise awareness of Multiple System Atrophy.

Gary Cawthorne 22, and Anna Walgate 21, will run the London 10k run on Sunday 14 July, in memory of Gary’s mum, Jackie Cawthorne who passed away in 2010 after battling the disease.

In honour of Jackie’s 50th birthday on 14 July, the couple will complete the run to raise funds for Multiple System Atrophy Trust and raise awareness of the progressive neurological disorder.

Anna said: “Jackie, who worked in Dobson’s left her loving husband Dave, and three children Mark, Gary and Amber. After being diagnosed with Multiple System Atrophy (MSA) only two years prior to this, Jackie suffered a tragic battle with the horrific disease.”

MSA is a progressive neurological disorder that affects adult men and women, although Jackie.

It is caused by degeneration of nerve cells in multiple areas of the brain which can result in problems with movement, balance and automatic functions of the body such as bladder and blood pressure control.

“With MSA being such a rare and unheard of disease, we didn’t have the knowledge or support to deal with it. Therefore, we would like to help raise awareness of the disease, and enable other people and their families who are suffering from the same ordeal to gain the support that the MSA trust provide.

“Furthermore, any money raised will contribute to research into MSA which will hopefully find treatment to prevent some of the heartbreaking effects we experienced.

“We would really appreciate any donations you are able to make to help us reach our target, and help those people who need support.” Miss Walgate added.

Donations can be made to the couple’s cause through their Just Giving page at justgiving.com/Gary-Cawthorne or by calling 01377 257055.

Dontation boxes can be found at The Star Inn, Reflections and Silks, Driffield.