Public to have their say on dog control areas

Arthur Woodcock at the cemetry
Arthur Woodcock at the cemetry

Residents look set to be given their say on new dog controls, which could see dogs banned from a number of locations throughout our region.

During next Tuesday’s cabinet meeting at County Hall, East Riding Council is expected to announce the start of an authority-wide public consultation on dog control orders.

Town and parish councils throughout the region have already outlined areas to East Riding Council where they feel further controls on dogs are needed or where existing orders could be removed.

Areas such as schools, playing fields, play areas, churches and cemeteries have been highlighted as in need of dog exclusion orders, banning dogs from entering them, or rules to keep dogs on leads.

In Pocklington, the town council has requested dog exclusion orders on Denison Road and at the Broadmanor Play Area, while they have also asked for dog owners to keep their pets on a lead in Pocklington Cemetery.

There are similar requests in Market Weighton, Goodmanham, Fangfoss, Stamford Bridge and Wilberfoss.