Public inquiry after caravan park plans rejected

The plans for the caravan park in Allerthorpe.
The plans for the caravan park in Allerthorpe.

A public inquiry is starting tomorrow in relation to a developer’s appeal after plans to create a 150-unit static caravan park were rejected.

Park Leisure and Turnwalk initially applied for a 225-unit caravan park on the former Allerthorpe Park Golf Course in 2013.

This was rejected by the East Riding of Yorkshire Council planning committee for having a "significant adverse affect on the character and appearance of the area", despite council officers recommending it for approval.

A reduced size planning application featuring 150 caravans was again refused on the same grounds.

In response, Park Leisure and Turnwalk lodged an appeal which will be heard between March 14-16 at a public inquiry which will be held at the East Riding of Yorkshire Council offices in County Hall, Beverley.

The plans have been strongly objected to by many including Allerthorpe Parish Council and village residents, with 68 letters opposing the application at a planning committee hearing last year.

Objectors say the proposal to site 150 caravans on the doorstep of a Conservation village of only 68 dwellings will almost double the size of the current community and would mean the loss of almost 50% of the designated Green Space in the area.

Councillor Ken Macleod, chairman of Allerthorpe Parish Council said, “The strength of the village residents' opposition is a clear demonstration of their feelings regarding this proposal and they have been willing to dig deep into their pockets to oppose it. Allerthorpe has always been a strong community and this proposal has only served to strengthen the villagers’ resolve to fight against insensitive development.

“Rarely does a community express their opposition to a planning proposal in such an organised and resolute manner. That they have chosen to do so in this way speaks not only for their concerns for the future of their own community but also for the future implications of an approval of this size and scale for every other village community within the East Riding.”

Members of the public can attend the inquiry from 10am on March 14-16 and a decision will be made in the following weeks.