Proposed changes to site allocated for housing development

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East Riding Council has proposed modifications to a site in Stamford Bridge which has been allocated for housing development in the East Riding Local Plan.

The East Riding Local Plan seeks to identify how much new development will take place in the East Riding and where it will be located.

The council has proposed modifications to site SMB-B - land north of the A166, Stamford Bridge - in the Allocations Document. The site has a capacity for 131 houses. Among the proposed changes is that plans will be required to provide open space on site that is designed to meet the needs of dog walking. The proposed amendments are set out in the East Riding Local Plan Additional Schedule of Modifications (Allocations Document) January 2016. Residents are invited to submit comments on the proposed modifications. The consultation will close at 5pm on 29 February.

To view the schedule of modifications, visit