Probus group enjoys military association talk

Pocklington Probus Club chairman Christopher Dodd with speaker Eddy Dawson.
Pocklington Probus Club chairman Christopher Dodd with speaker Eddy Dawson.

The latest Pocklington Probus Club meeting was opened by chairman Christopher Dodd.

After welcoming members and speaker Eddy Dawson, he conducted some club business before inviting Mr Dawson to address the group.

In introducing his subject of “Regimental Association Charities”, Eddy gave a brief resumé of his military experiences starting as a soldier straight from school rising to commissioned rank and serving in many different military establishments at home and abroad.

Using his long experience and by giving examples of the work carried out he described the services provided by a typical Association.

There are national military charities such as the Royal British Legion, which are well known, but each regiment has its own charitable institution, for example The Royal Army Pay Corps Association, with which Eddy had become intimately associated after his leaving full-time army service.

Prominent amongst the services provided is welfare. Assistance may be given for solving health problem, or the provision of specialist personal equipment. An Association will have access to professional services which may be required to solve significant problems not covered by national agencies.

The main effort is always to ensure that the ex-soldier will not be disadvantaged.

In proposing a vote of thanks, Julian Tremayne referred to the enthusiasm Eddy had for his subject, for his clear explanations of the functions of Regimental Association and thanked him for his lucid answers to questions.