Probe after wind damages Minster

Beverley Minster carpeted in snow, East Yorkshire, UK
Beverley Minster carpeted in snow, East Yorkshire, UK

AN Investigation has been launched after bad weather caused damaged to a pinnacle on Beverley’s historic Minster.

Sections of the pinnacle on the Tympanum roof between the distinctive twin towers were dislodged during a period of high winds.

Some pieces landed on the aisle roof and the Tympanum roof, with one large section going over the edge of the parapet into the churchyard below.

There was some roof damage but nobody was injured.

Now church officials are calling on the expert opinion of meteorologists, as well as architects and structural engineers, following reports that an unusual and exceptionally strong gust of wind could have been the cause.

The gust came in mid afternoon on January 30 – a day on which severe gusts of up to 60mph were recorded at nearby Leconfield.

The pinnacle appears to have been lifted and toppled rather than simply blown over.

John English, surveyor to Beverley Minster Old Fund which is responsible for the maintenance of the historic building, said: “It is still a bit of a mystery.

“A building which has stood for nearly 800 years must have experienced every kind of wind condition, so it could take some time to establish what, if anything, was different about this one.”

The wind funnels between the twin towers and the direction on the day - West South West - could have put the affected pinnacle more directly into the wind than the other two on that parapet.

These two have been checked and restoration of the damaged pinnacle will start when preliminary investigations are concluded.