Prisoners replace vandalised bench

Gary Luckhurst with one of the refurbished benches
Gary Luckhurst with one of the refurbished benches

Prisoners at Full Sutton Prison have donated two benches to Pocklington to replace one at the Victoria Park Playpark, cruelly destroyed by vandals last month.

Prison officer Gary Luckhurst inquired about creating a new bench for the town after reading about the vandalised bench in the Pocklington Post.

Prisoners got to work refurbishing an old picnic bench from the prison, stripping it back to wood and rebuilding it to a brand new standard.

Another bench, also created by a prisoner, has also 
kindly been donated to the cause.

Richard Wood, clerk at Pocklington Town Council, said: “The old bench had been there for a number of years but it was really disappointing that it was destroyed by these senseless people.

“It was heartening to hear from Mr Lockhurst about replacing the bench and both these new ones will be placed at the play park like the old one.”

Mr Luckhurst would like to thank prison governor Paul Foweather for allowing the donation.