Prisoner jailed for life for attempted murder

Full Sutton
Full Sutton

A WOULD-BE killer has been jailed for life for an attempted murder of a fellow inmate in troubled Full Sutton Prison.

Crazed Asif Yaqub, 32, jumped on murderer John Climo, 42, after the former walked into the snooker room with a razor blade in an effort to open Climo’s jugular vein and murder him.

Hull Crown Court heard last Friday that the attack on 30 April last year was carried out after Yaqub made a decision he was going to kill Climo, who was jailed for a minimum of 30 years in 2006.

The prison has suffered a catalogue of attacks in recent years, marking it as one of the toughest prisons in the UK for inmates and staff.

Yaqub is the fifth lifer to appear in court since the Home Office ordered a full review of prison security.

On 28 May, 2010, Wayne Walters, 41, suffered severe burns and was knocked out by a head punch from car bomber Richard Caswell, 29, in a prison kitchen.

Murderers Michael Banks and Derek Lomas, 28, punched and struck child killer Paul Knappett, 36, after barricading themselves into a cell on 12 December, 2010.

Most famously, Damien Fowkes, 36, killed sex murderer Colin Hatch in Full Sutton Prison in his cell with five ligatures on 22 February, 2011.

Crown barrister Jharna Jobes said Yaqub was the latest man to plan violence in the maximum security prison and almost kill his victim.

She said Yaqub approached Climo in the snooker room and, without any warning, slashed his victim’s neck with an improvised weapon made from two razor blades melted into a plastic knife, causing a six-inch wound.

She said he then fled to his cell, pushing the weapon out of the window. It was recovered later by guards.

She said Yaqub had confessed to guards that he had attempted to murder Climo. “He said he had made the decision about an hour before and and that his intention was to cut his throat across his jugular vein,” said Mrs Jobes.

Yaqub, originally from London, was in Full Sutton, serving an indeterminate sentence for public protection. He appeared at court via a video link after pleading guilty to a single charge of attempted murder.

He refused to instruct a legal team and refused to speak at all during his appearance over the video link at court. He would only nod in agreement to the judge as he took instructions that he wanted to be sentenced.

The court heard Yaqub was originally imprisoned in 2006 at the Central Criminal Court in London for grievous bodily harm with intent after cutting the throat of an ex-employer and stabbing him in the stomach. He was sentenced to a life term for public protection with a minimum tariff of 18 months.

Since then, he has attacked two men with razor blades in prison in Belmarsh in 2006 and Wansworth in 2008 and was serving an indeterminate life sentence with a minimum of seven years.

Sentencing him to a life sentence, Judge Michael Mettyear told him: “It has been demonstrated on three occasions that your conduct is dangerous while in prison. You have proved to be a violent criminal.”

He said there were many aggravating features to the attack, including pre-planning and use of a weapon. He said the sentence would be life with a minimum term of 10 years.

Mr Justice Coulson called for an urgent review of security at Full Sutton in October last year after the killing of Colin Hatch. The Home Office had already called for a review of security.