“Prison” fence given green light

MW Infant school
MW Infant school
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ANGRY residents believe a ring of steel fencing to be built around a school in Market Weighton will resemble that of a prison.

East Riding Council’s planning application was given the green light at a western area sub-committee meeting in Beverley.

The plans will see a five-foot steel fence, which will be painted green, erected along Princess Road next to Market Weighton Infant School, which will replace an existing wooden fence.

Residents have said the fence will not be in keeping with the area and will resemble the perimeter of a prison.

They are also concerned about the cost of the fence and the impact it will have on the value of the properties in the area.

The planning officer said the objective of the project is to improve the external security of the school in line with guidelines proposed by OFSTED.

The officer explained: “In response to the concerns raised, the proposed fence is required for the safety and security of the pupils and general public.

“The proposed fencing is a requirement of OFSTED and it is considered that the proposal is a minor operation, amounting to the replacement of an existing fence with a change of materials and an acceptable increase in height.

“The proposed fence will be more robust and durable in terms of its finish and materials”.

The fence will be positioned along a section of Princess Road north of the existing entrance to the school and adjacent to the existing footpath.

A section of timber fencing within the school site is also to be replaced with the same steel fencing.

A request was made by Wolds Weighton ward councillors David Rudd and Andy Burton for the application to be reported to the sub-committee to allow a full discussion about the plans.

The planning officer said: “The proposal is considered to be acceptable and in accords with the development plan policies.

“The visual amenity of the area will not be detrimentally affected by the proposal due to its scale, siting, design, and choice of materials.”