Primary school places are allocated

Parents of children starting primary school in September have been told which school their children will be attend.

This year, East Riding of Yorkshire Council received 3,084 applications for places at infant and primary schools.

Of that figure, 3,041 applicants (98.6 per cent) got places at one of the three schools named on their application.

43 applicants could not be given places at any of their three chosen schools and have been given places at other schools.

At 32 of the 119 infant and primary schools, the number of first preferences was more than the number of places available.

At eight of these schools, the published admission number has been increased so that all who wanted places could be accommodated.

The admission team has also processed over 400 applications from parents applying for their children to transfer from infant to junior schools.

As all six junior schools are under-subscribed, everyone got their first preference.

Where parents have been unsuccessful at getting places at their preferred schools, their child’s name is automatically added to a waiting list in case places are made available.

Parents can also make appeals, which are heard by an independent panel that looks at the individual circumstances of the children and can award school places if they feel the circumstances justify it.

East Riding Councillor Julie Abraham, said: “The East Riding is bucking the national trend of growth in the primary school population and so, in the main, it has been possible to meet expectations.”