Primary children learn to fence

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CHILDREN at a local primary school were on guard when they were taught fencing by top coaches.

Instructors from Bishop Burton College, which is a regional training centre for Pentathlon GB, visited St Martin’s C of E Primary School in Fangfoss to give the children a taster session.

Fencing is one of the five pentathlon disciplines along with pistol shooting, swimming, horse riding and running.

The children, aged 7-11, learned how to stand, how to move and how to hold the sword.

The children then had a go at fencing themselves with a partner.

Theresa Brindley, who is a PE teacher at the school, said: “They loved it. It was something completely different.

“Bishop Burton College send coaches to give taster sessions to children to get them into the sport.

“The children learned quite a lot. They got to do quite a bit for a taster session.

“They had a really good time.”