Election profile: Tim Norman (Yorkshire Party)

Tim Norman (Yorkshire Party)
Tim Norman (Yorkshire Party)

Tim Norman, standing with the Yorkshire Party, is a 49-year-old graduate with a degree in Finance.

Starting his career with British Steel, he then moved on to Yorkshire Water, where he spent 16 years as a commercial management accountant.

He has lived and worked in Bridlington for the last 11 years, owning The Royal Bridlington hotel with his wife Fiona. Tim was pivotal in the resurgence of the Bridlington Renaissance Business Forum five years ago when he created a group looking at how to improve the evening entertainment offering.

Tim is passionate about the growth and success of Bridlington and East Yorkshire. He is a Director at the Old Town Gallery and manages it alongside a team of enthusiastic volunteers and artists. He also writes a tourism column regularly in the Free Press.

“East Yorkshire is a beautiful part of the UK. However, it has been sadly neglected by successive governments.

“I will fight to regenerate our run-down health services in East Yorkshire to get the services needed by the people of East Yorkshire closer to the people.

“I will oppose Fracking in East Yorkshire and encourage environmentally friendly renewable energy sources.

“The Yorkshire Party believes in first-rate devolved powers closer to the communities to make Yorkshire work better. Wales and Scotland now have devolved powers as do the people of London and other major cities are receiving additional powers through the creation of City Mayors.

“Yorkshire, despite our size, is being left behind.

“The Yorkshire Party would invest in infrastructure like road and rail networks throughout the area which would encourage investment by making our market towns and resorts more accessible for visitors, industry and business alike.

“These policies are our vision for a fairer, stronger, more prosperous Yorkshire and we will Give Yorkshire a Voice.”