Election profile: Sir Greg Knight (Conservative)

Sir Greg Knight (Conservative)
Sir Greg Knight (Conservative)

Greg has represented East Yorkshire in Parliament since 2001. He lives in the constituency with his wife Janet.

In the past year he has spoken in 27 debates at Westminster and he regularly questions Ministers, bringing issues of concern to the East Riding to the attention of the Government.

He has helped to obtain funds from the Government for areas affected by coastal erosion and obtained the Portas retail grant for Bridlington to help boost retail trade in the town.

He is a big supporter of the NHS and in 2008 led a march and protest rally objecting to the then- Labour Government’s cutbacks to maternity and critical cardiac care services at Bridlington Hospital.

In 2012, following a £750,000 refurbishment, he officially opened the main operating theatre at Bridlington Hospital.

In 2014, the was presented with an award for helping, with others, to raise over £1 million for Macmillan cancer charity over the past 10 years.

Greg says: “It has been an honour representing you in Parliament, meeting many of you and helping to resolve local problems.

“This election has been called to secure the strong and stable leadership our country needs to strengthen our negotiating hand as we leave the European Union.

“Realistically, the next Prime Minister can only be only one of two people: Theresa May or Jeremy Corbyn.

“When you vote on June 8, you are doing two things. You are electing someone to represent you locally – and you are also deciding who should be the next British Prime Minister.

“By voting for me, you will also be supporting Theresa May.

“If, like me, you do not want to see Jeremy Corbyn leading our country, I hope you will give me your vote”.