Election profile: Mike Jackson (Green Party)

Mike Jackson (Green Party)
Mike Jackson (Green Party)

I am campaigning on three main issues. Anti-fracking, strong action on climate change and keeping the NHS public and free.

Fracking is a big issue in our area since the Conservative government granted fracking licences to companies in our area. In East Yorkshire our drinking water comes from the chalk layer underground and fracking can damage this by pumping chemicals and gas into our drinking water.

It’s happened already in America and Australia. Once the damage has been done we cannot go back so FRACKING MUST STOP NOW.

The Greens have always been against fracking although I welcome Labour’s recent support, if you want to stop fracking then only voting Green sends a clear message.

Another important issue is the NHS. Over the last seven years the Tories have set up internal markets in the NHS and already got private companies in. I think they mean to privatise the NHS.

With Tory cuts and local hospitals at Driffield and Bridlington being cut back, the Greens would stand up for local hospitals and local health care.

Finally, there is climate change. Without the environment we can do nothing. We have now passed one degree of warming, scientists’ predictions are coming true.

Climate change will cause catastrophe, immigration and huge cost if we let it carry on. It is much cheaper to deal with emissions now and it will create jobs and new industries.

We could be a world leader but there has been no political will and the Conservatives are cutting back on environmental spending. Only the Green Party takes this seriously and would take urgent action.

The Green Party also wants to scrap university tuition fees, remove testing in primary schools, build affordable low energy homes, re-nationalise rail saving money and improving services, scrap trident and tax financial transactions.