Election profile: Carl Minns (Liberal Democrats)

Carl Minns of the Liberal Democrats
Carl Minns of the Liberal Democrats

There’s one thing that will benefit every person in East Yorkshire more than any individual policy and that’s a real voice of opposition to the Conservatives.

It’s the Lib Dems that are the natural challengers to the Tories here. We came second in 2010, we’ve tripled our membership in the constituency since the last election and won the last council by-election by a landslide.

So we’re very much on our way back up with a strengthened local party with a determination to get things done and start holding the Tories to account. It’s down to us to speak up for the people of East Yorkshire. We know Labour can never win here and the Conservatives take us for granted.

As a maths teacher, education is my passion. I’m appalled by the Tories’ real-terms spending cuts that are set to cripple our schools over the next two years.

In the NHS we’re fast losing services like the Alfred Bean MIU and with one of the highest retired populations in the country, East Yorkshire should be very concerned about the Conservatives’ new dementia tax and ruthless social care overhaul.

The Lib Dems’ penny on income tax pledge is the only sustainable proposal we’ve heard during this campaign that can reverse the deepening crisis in our NHS and social care system.

But it’s the young people I’ve spoken to in recent weeks who feel the most disenfranchised here. They don’t feel they have a voice and are deeply concerned about the impact of Theresa May’s hard Brexit stance on their futures.

On our green spaces there doesn’t seem to be anyone listening to or speaking up for residents on fracking and housing development. As your MP I’ll be a local champion, ensuring your voice gets heard on the issues that matter to you.