Election profile: Andrew Dennis (UKIP)

Andrew Dennis of UKIP
Andrew Dennis of UKIP

“My name is Andrew Dennis and I am married to Sally and we have three sons, one a theatre nurse, one a music teacher and one a photography student.

“I have known the constituency all my life having ridden my first donkey in Bridlington and spent many hours walking on the Wolds with various youth groups.

“I was educated at Trinity House School, Hull, and as a teenager worked on local farms, be they arable or diary, learning to run a dairy herd, drive a hay baler and plough a field.

“I am passionate about Bloodhounds and our current hound is called Horatio.

“With the UK leaving the EU opportunities will be created to reclaim some of our traditional industry with fishing being a major winner, when our waters are retuned to UK control, it will be our boats that will catch, land and process the fish in the UK.

“I believe in the UK and I will look to control every aspect of government currently owned by the EU.

“The Conservatives have refused to say they will reclaim our waters, but rather allow EU fishermen to reap the 6.5 billion pounds annually from our waters.

“I believe that our agricultural sector needs support and as a country we only produce some 55% of our own food, we must ensure food security.

“We should also not forget that the countryside as we know it today has been produced over time by the husbandry of our agricultural sector.

“I want to see a thriving East Yorkshire which offers opportunities for our children, a helping hand when it is most needed and a business environment that invites companies to create employment.”