Election profile: Alan Clark (Labour)

Alan Clark
Alan Clark

The Labour Party has selected Alan Clark as its candidate for East Yorkshire in the General Election on June 8.

Upon selection, Alan said: “I’m proud to represent this part of Yorkshire, where I was born and where I am raising my own family.

“My work ethic comes from my grandparents who were farmers. Unlike some MPs I had a full-time job. Working as a lorry driver for Heron Foods, I delivered to Bridlington and countrywide.

“As a father of two wonderful children, I believe in a society that values family and looks after our elders.

“I want to bring well-paid jobs to the area along with the necessary infrastructure: better transport, schools, houses and healthcare.

“As a councillor, I have knowledge and experience of dealing with public and private sectors to bring that about. I will not bea silent MP but will talk to residents and hold regular meetings and surgeries to give constituents a voice in Parliament.

“I will fight for a fair deal for the Bridlington fishermen who export to Europe. I will help local farmers secure the best deal as they look to diversify and use scrubland for energy regeneration to feed into the national grid.

“I want to bring renewable energy to East Yorkshire so we don’t have to spoil our beautiful county. Flooding is a major problem for this area and in my portfolio I take the lead, bringing in millions for much-needed flood protection.

“This election is about a vote for the same Tory who only appears for elections or someone with the skills, ability and drive to bring investment and employment into East Yorkshire.

“A vote for anyone but me will mean no change, no investment, no new hospital beds, no affordable houses and less money for schools.”