Politicians inspect village flood defences

Sir Greg Knight (left), councillor Andy Burton (centre) and Timothy Kirkhope with one of the mobile pumps during their visit to Stamford Bridge.
Sir Greg Knight (left), councillor Andy Burton (centre) and Timothy Kirkhope with one of the mobile pumps during their visit to Stamford Bridge.

Two politicians and an East Riding councillor have paid a visit to Stamford Bridge to inspect the village’s flood 
defences following the recent flooding in the village.

Following the heavy rain over the Christmas period and the danger posed to many communities in the East Riding, like many other areas, the River Derwent has risen rapidly. Police had to close the A166 on Boxing Day after the River Derwent broke its banks, while The Weir Caravan Park in Stamford Bridge had to be evacuated and water flooded into The New Inn pub in the village.

Concerned about the danger posed to residents and businesses in Stamford Bridge, a community that has suffered badly during previous periods of heavy rainfall, East Yorkshire MP Sir Greg Knight, East Riding councillor Andy Burton and Yorkshire MEP Timothy Kirkhope visited the flood defences that were installed after several previous flood events.

They spent about an hour and a half looking at several parts of the defences that Sir Greg and East Riding Council had lobbied to secure funding to build.

Sir Greg said: “The high water levels experienced in this latest heavy rainfall over Christmas and the devastation that had been experienced in past events were again a testing time for the residents of Stamford Bridge and we wanted to see how well the flood defences were holding up, particularly when stories of other defences being overtopped, or damaged in other parts of the country. From what we saw there seems to have been some water escape from the defences. I will work with the East Riding Council in monitoring the situation and if necessary report back to parliament if further measures are needed.”

Coun Burton noted that a number of businesses had sandbags and other defences in place.

He said: “The water levels were high, but I noted from monitoring East Riding reports sent out to councillors during the high risk period that mobile pumps had been deployed which were still working when we went to visit the village. These defences are vital for Stamford Bridge, I welcome Sir Greg’s helpful comments and his further offer to report any further needs back to Parliament. We all intend keeping the situation under review.”

Coun Burton says all the defences in the county will be monitored and MPs across the authority area will be involved where needed.

He added: “If these type of weather events do become more common, we all need to work together, the East Riding Council, the Government and local agencies like the internal Drainage Boards and the Environment Agency to continue to monitor and improve all our defences, if we do nothing then many more homes and businesses will be affected in future.”