Police warning: don’t fall prey to bogus workmen

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Detectives are warning residents to be on their guard after an elderly woman was “duped” by a bogus workman.

The workman targeted the woman on a number of occasions telling her she needed jobs doing in her home - before charging her excessive amounts of money for carrying out the work.

Although the woman lives in Beverley, detectives are urging residents across the East Riding to be vigilant against this type of crime.

And they are appealing for anyone who has an elderly relative or who knows a vulnerable adult to make sure they are aware of this type of crime.

A police spokesperson said: “Often victims feel ashamed or embarrassed that they were tricked into taking a service they did’nt need and fell for their ‘hard sale’.

“But To deliberately bully or pressure an elderly or vulnerable person into buying an over-inflated service on their own door step is a crime.”

Police advice is that no money should be exchanged prior to the work being carried out, and if the trades person offers to take you to the bank, threatens, intimidates or is aggressive towards you, you should call the police immediately.

Neighbourhood policing chief inspector James Glansfield, said: “Rogue Traders can often look respectful, but are deceitful, this is how so many people fall for their sales pitch. When an offer seems too good to be true it often is.”

Police say that, generally speaking, it is very rare these days for genuine traders to cold call, but if they do there are certain rules they have to abide by.

Those include that they must give a written quote and have a contact telephone number and more importantly, a contact address.

Police are urging residents to report bogus workmen by calling 101.