Police warn of bogus callers

A WARNING has been issued to residents in the region about bogus and cold callers.

Following recent incidents in the local area, the Pocklington and Wolds Weighton Neighbourhood Policing Team are urging people to check who is at the door before opening it, to fit the chain and to keep the back door and windows locked while answering the front door.

Sergeant Pete Rogers, of Pocklington Police, said: “Bogus callers can be very persuasive people: they very often prey on the elderly or vulnerable.

“They can claim to be from the local authority, health services, gas, electric or water companies, or simply claim to be trades people calling to carry out repairs. Sometimes they can even pretend to be from the police – so we all need to beware.”

According to Sgt Rogers, people should always check a caller’s identification before letting them in, and contact the company they represent if in doubt, using the number in the phone book.