Police urge caution over scam mail

POLICE are advising local people to be aware of scam mail which promises a cash windfall.

The warning comes after officers received several reports from residents who had received letters claiming to be from various overseas financial organisations.

The letters suggested that they were due to receive a large amount of inheritance money from the estate of an individual who had now died.

All the addressee had to do to was email, fax or telephone the sender to claim their money and the letters included, what may appear to some people, to be plausible explanations of how the situation had transpired and used emotive and persuasive language.

It also appealed to recipients to keep its contents confidential.

Detective Sergeant Neil Clarkson of Humberside police’s economic crime unit said: “Letters like this one are too good to be true - and that’s what I would advise members of the public to question if they are the recipient of a letter or email similar to this one.

“The letter stated that the recipient should contact the sender to receive the money, but in these cases the recipients contacted the police - and that’s exactly what I would suggest any one else receiving this or any other similar communication should do

“Sadly, we receive many reports of scams like this one, but thankfully most people see them for what they are, and report them to the police without giving away their personal or banking details.

“I would urge all residents to be vigilant and, if you have elderly relatives or neighbours, ask them to be aware of this scam.”