Police to crackdown on using mobile phones when driving

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Motorists who use their mobile phone whilst driving are to be targeted by Humberside Police, which has launched its ‘Switch Off Before You Drive Off’ campaign.

Roads policing officers across the force area will be concentrating on tackling the offence with a view to enforce the law and educate drivers. A spokesperson for the force said: “We continue to see drivers with their phones held up to their ears when they’re driving so the message is still not getting through.

“Even if you’re using a hands-free phone you should avoid making or answering calls when driving. All phone calls distract drivers’ attention from the road.

“Don’t call other people when they’re driving. If you call someone and they tell you they are driving, ask them to call you back when they have parked up safely.”

Humberside Police want to:-

• Reduce the incidence of motorists using their mobile phones whilst driving.

• Improve driver attitude and behaviour with a view to preventing road collisions occurring.

• Reduce casualties resulting from road collisions, particularly those resulting in fatal or serious injuries.

• Raise awareness amongst motorists about the potential consequences of driving whilst using a hand held or hands free mobile phone.

• Provide public reassurance and promote confidence and satisfaction in Humberside Police by providing high visibility policing in urban areas and on roads/routes with high traffic flows.