Police on the move?

Pocklington Fire Station.
Pocklington Fire Station.

The police headquarters in Pocklington may be moving into the fire station.

Humberside Police and Crime Commissioner Keith Hunter has confirmed that the force is in negotiations with the fire service about a possible move.

Officers may be moving out of Pocklington Police Station.

Officers may be moving out of Pocklington Police Station.

This would see two key services under the same roof as the force looks to cut costs but not the police presence.

Mr Hunter has pledged his commitment to community policing in the area and wants the town to remain a base for officers.

However, the force is looking at the cost of local facilities and is exploring alternatives to the current set-up.

Mr Hunter said: “We must continue to look at costs tied up in buildings and use the money where we can to get officers out on streets.

“I understand that police stations are iconic to many communities and where there is currently a station in a town staffed by officers, such as in Pocklington, I do not want a retreat from that – this is a line in the sand for me.

“My main commitment is to enhance community policing, and if we can reduce the cost to the taxpayer by sharing facilities with other organisations in the same town, those savings can be put to better use for residents.

“To that end we are working with the fire service to investigate the potential of co-location of police officers within the fire station, as well as working with the Town Council to retain a front counter facility within the town for residents. Both discussions are work in progress.”

The move comes after the force said it would be introducing new shift patterns to combat low morale.

Deputy Chief Constable Andy McDyer said the changing nature of crime and a national increase in calls had “impacted on workloads and are set against a backdrop of reductions in numbers of police”.

He said officers’ current shift patterns were at the “centre of their problems with work-life balance and health and well-being – which are two of the biggest reasons for low morale”.