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Make sure your doors and windows remain locked in summer to deter sneak thieves.
Make sure your doors and windows remain locked in summer to deter sneak thieves.

Now that summer is here again, we all want to relax and enjoy the warmer weather, however we still need to think about home security to prevent ourselves from becoming victims of crime.

So what do you need to consider? You need to ensure that your home is always secure when you go out and that you don’t leave potential entry points open and accessible, for example a downstairs window or a door.

This also applies at night especially when it’s a warm muggy evening and you are thinking about leaving a downstairs window open for ventilation whilst you are asleep.

You may be out working in the garden and out of sight of the windows or doors that you have left open.

You could even be cutting the grass or hedge perhaps with a loud lawn mower/hedge cutter or be using power tools and it could be so easy in these circumstances for a sneak thief to take advantage of the situation, go inside your home and steal things, for example keys, handbags, wallets, laptops etc that are often on display or easily accessible.

The same applies with garages. We often leave the doors wide open and go off into the garden leaving everything in them on display.

How easy is it then for someone to take advantage of this situation and steal bikes, power tools or garden equipment!

Lastly there’s your vehicles to consider: On a warm day, there might be a temptation to leave your car parked on the drive with its windows open to allow fresh air to circulate, along with items, eg a sat nav, coat or shopping bags on clear view that you just haven’t managed to bring indoors yet.

These items can all be stolen very quickly, but the worst case scenario is that your car could be stolen too.

The kinds of thefts described are committed by opportunists who could be wandering around your neighbourhood looking to take advantage of people who leave their property insecure so think security at all times and don’t become a victim of crime!