Police chief’s vow after crime stats rise

Police officers in the Pocklington and Market Weighton areas 'are committed to providing a good service despite a shrinking budget'.
Police officers in the Pocklington and Market Weighton areas 'are committed to providing a good service despite a shrinking budget'.

The chief inspector responsible for neighbourhood policing in the Pocklington and Market Weighton areas said his officers are committed to all areas of their duties.

The statement comes after crime statistics for the Pocklington area showed a rise of almost 25%.

The figures covering the Market Weighton area also revealed an overall increase (15.6%).

Chief Inspector Iain Dixon said: “We aim to provide residents with a community policing service that both meets your needs and is within our gift to give.

“With finite resources and a shrinking budget this is a delicate balancing act.

“That said, I know my officers are extremely committed to working with you and our incident response, detective, road policing and other officers to police the approximate 950 square miles of the East Riding.”

Chief Insp Dixon added that the statistics rise was largely due to a change in recording practices which has seen more stringent recording practices, and the recording of activity as a crime which previously not recorded.

He also said the increases are in line with the rises seen nationally.

Humberside Police and Crime Commissioner Keith Hunter said more officers are likely to be deployed in the East Riding area in the future.

This follows a decision by the Humberside Police and Crime Panel to increase the portion of council tax used to pay for policing by 6.4%.

Mr Hunter said: “It’s no secret that crime has been rising now for some years, despite what some would have you believe.

“In the East Riding as a whole, reported crime is up 22% year-on-year.

“From 2010, Humberside Police lost around 600 police officers up to 2016 due to Government cuts, almost a quarter of the workforce.

“Consequently the level of service declined, especially in rural communities and smaller towns, and the results are plain for all to see.

“Since I came into office I have worked to better manage the finances of the force and release mounting financial reserves which had effectively meant that previous council tax rises had gone unspent. There is no excuse for that in the current climate.

“Humberside Police is now in the middle of the biggest officer recruitment drive in its history and more will follow, giving the force over 300 extra officers. I expect to see the chief constable spreading those new resources across the area, especially throughout the East Riding which has been starved of resource in the last few years, and it’s my job to hold him to account on behalf of the public to ensure that happens.”

A breakdown of the figures reveal that the Pocklington area saw an increase in burglary of 55.2% (29 to 45); a 200% lift in drugs offences (3 to 9); a 38.9% rise in sexual offences (18 to 25); and a 29.1% hike in thefts (55 to 71).

Thefts of motor vehicles dropped by 60% (5 to 2) while shop theft dropped by 34.6% (26 to 17).

In Market Weighton criminal damage rose by 30% (50 to 65). However shop theft dropped a massive 67.7% (31 to 10); theft of motor vehicles fell by 50% (8 to 4) while burglary; drug offences; theft from motor vehicles; and other theft also showed decreases.