Police advice - Stay safe this Hallowe’en

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THE DARK nights are well and truly upon us and Halloween and mischief night are just around the corner. During this time, householders may experience the seasonal problems associated with these events which may be perceived as anti-social behaviour.

Officers across the East Riding are committed to making sure communities stay safe and have been working closely with retailers and schools giving out advice on how families and local residents can have a safe and fun Halloween.

‘Sorry no trick or treat’ posters have been distributed to residents who do not wish to be disturbed, which can be displayed in a prominent position by their front door. With these events landing during the school holidays, these posters and a variety of information on keeping safe this season have also been sent to local schools in the East Riding to be distributed to parents and students.

A second poster has been created for local food retailers who do not wish to sell the usual mischief night ingredients to young children. The poster advises customers that no eggs or flour will be sold to anyone under the age of 18 years old.

The darker nights are already seeing an increase in anti-social behaviour incidents in Bridlington. One incident involved a coach being targeted by people throwing large stones off a bridge in the Well Lane bypass area of Bridlington. Luckily in this instance no-one was injured.

PC Christopher Prendergast of the Bridlington Neighbourhood Policing Team (NPT) said: “The typical anti-social behaviour we experience in Bridlington at this time of the year is throwing stones, rocks and bricks at people and property including cars, and also bin fires which are obviously extremely dangerous.

“We want to ensure residents of Bridlington remain safe over the Halloween period and will have teams working proactively around Bridlington on evenings dealing with any anti-social behaviour issues including those mentioned.

“Bridlington will also be distributing the ‘sorry no trick or treat’ at the copshop on Quay Road, Bridlington. This will also provide an opportunity for any residents to ask our staff any questions about any concerns they may have.”

Sergeant Peter Rogers from the NPT in Goole, Howden and Pocklington will also be ensuring residents from his area remain safe over Halloween and mischief night. He said: “Goole, Howden and Pocklington NPT have been conducting high visibility patrols from October and will carry on through November.

“The distress and misery caused by anti social behaviour and minor damage around Mischief Night can be traumatic for those targeted and very often the most vulnerable people in our communities are the victims.

“This is not about fun. Very often these acts are openly malicious and property is permanently damaged. If offences are committed those responsible will be dealt with and our patrols will be out and about ensuring that we are around to do this.”

As well as taking on the spot action, officers in the East Riding will working closely with the East Riding of Yorkshire Council to stamp out anti-social behaviour over the Halloween period and will be taking action accordingly.

This could be in the form of a fairway letter which is sent to parents to allow them the opportunity to deal with their children’s behaviour. Worse still this could progress to an Anti-social Behaviour Contract (ABC) which is a voluntary agreement which stipulates a set of rules a child must agree to. Finally an Anti-Social Behaviour Order (ASBO) could be imposed which is a civil order imposed by the court’s and can be granted for anyone over 10 years old prohibiting them from engaging in specified activities.

Humberside would like all residents to have an enjoyable and safe Halloween. If you witness any anti-social behaviour please report it to Humberside police immediately using the non-emergency number 101 or in an emergency call 999.