Pocklington Ward Election results

Wolds Weighton councillors Rudd, Burton and Stathers
Wolds Weighton councillors Rudd, Burton and Stathers

Pocklington and Wolds Weighton remain all Conservative wards after five of the six councillors were re-elected.

In the Pocklington Provincial Ward, Kay West, Stephen Lane and Claude Mole all retained their seats for the next four yearsn with a comprehensive victory.

Councillor Ward on the election with 4,542 votes followed by Stephen Lane on 4,426 and Claude Mole with 4,118 votes.

The closest challenger to councillor Mole’s seat was Labour’s Fiona Bruce with 2,054 votes.

David Rudd has retained his seat for the tenth consecutive ward election in the Wolds Weighton Ward collecting 4,148 votes.

Councillor Rudd was ‘delighted’ to have be re-elected for the Ward, which had a 67 per cent turnout. He said: “It is fantastic being re-elected. I would like to pay tribute to the other candidates who played their part in a clean election and I look forward to continuing my role.”

Councillor Andy Burton was re-elected for the fifth time as he earned second place in the running with 3,778 votes.

He said: “I am really pleased with the outcome. This is my fith time and it is very gratifying. I’d like to thank the voters on behalf of the three of us for showing their confidence in us again.”

The only newly elected councillor was Mike Stathers who replaced the outgoing Dee Sharpe collecting 3,344 in his first Ward election to make up the Conservative trio.

He said: “I am really delighted to be elected on my first election. I can’t wait to see what we can do during our four years and I thank all the voters. We will do our best for you.”

Wolds Weighton

1. David Rudd (Conservatives) - 4148 votes

2. Andy Burton (Conservatives) - 3778 votes

3. Mike Stathers (Conservatives) - 3344 votes

Pocklington Provincial

1. Kay West (Conservatives) - 4542 votes

2. Stephen Lane (Conservatives) - 4426 votes

3. Claude Mole (Conservatives) - 4118 votes