Pocklington Town Crier Geoff wants something to shout about

Town Crier Geoff Sheasby with a copy of the Pocklington Post.
Town Crier Geoff Sheasby with a copy of the Pocklington Post.

Pocklington Town Crier Geoff Sheasby is about to pitch his proclamations against the Best of British.

He has again been selected for the Loyal Company of Town Criers British Championships, this year in Middlewich, from Friday (Sep 25) until Sunday.

Geoff will be accompanied and supported by his wife and costumed escort, Diane.

Last year, at the same event in Banbury, Geoff was awarded the LCTC Fred Ferris Trophy for the town crier scoring the highest marks among those participants who have not been British Champion.

Diane won the Best Dressed Escort trophy.

Geoff said: “Diane will be hoping to equal her success again this year, and I will do my level best in the face of at least two professional criers, and several who are past British Champions.”

Geoff will be proclaiming the cry composed by John Peel of Bielby, who won the Pocklington Post competition last year to provide a proclamation about Pocklington for Geoff to deliver at the World Championships in Chester.

Geoff will deliver two cries, the first about Pocklington, and the second on the subject of The History of the Salt and Canals of Middlewich.

Next May, Geoff will celebrate 15 years as Pocklington’s town crier.

He is not paid – the role is honorary. Any contributions are donated by Geoff to the Pocklington Town Mayor’s Charity Fund. Call him on 01759 303847.

Geoff’s cry

(just to preface with an explanation: Devlin is the host town crier of Middlewich)

Oyez! Oyez! Oyez!

Forget the hammer-ponds of Sussex,

And the Mill-ponds of the west,

The three canals of Middlewich

Are a ‘cut’ above the rest!

‘Trent and Mersey, Wardle, Salop Union

Are the pride of the North West!

They meet in the middle-which is why

Middlewich is the best!

Town Crier Devlin – what a feller!

Wife Jenny says “he’s the salt of the earth”:

She keeps him in the cellar!

Of salt works in the days of yore,

Middlewich boasted nine:

And Fish and Chips don’t taste the same,

Without some added brine!

The nine are now reduced to one,

But Middlewich retains its fame,

Since Saxa salt is known by all –

A country–wide brand name!