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Pocklington Town Council offices on George Street
Pocklington Town Council offices on George Street

Below are some selected minutes from the latest meeting of Pocklington Town Council which was held on Wednesday 12 August.

Present: Councillors Ratcliffe (Chairman), Cooper, Cox, Hutchinson, Jones, Marron, Perry, Shepherd, Sykes, West & Winterton. Three members of the public. Richard Wood clerk. District Councillor Kay West was also present. In the absence of the chaplain, Cllr Alan Spademan led the council in prayers prior to the commencement of the meeting.

Apologies for absence. Cllr Sharpe (another meeting early the next day). Cllr Spademan left after leading councillors in prayers because of another commitment.

Declarations of interest.

Cllr Sykes declared a personal interest in a payment to himself.

Arts Centre piano

Gina Campbell spoke about the piano she had given to Pocklington Arts Centre some years ago.

She objected to the way it was being stored and the lack of availability to local pianists. She would like it stored on the stage although would accept it being kept in the Studio.

Cllr Winterton spoke in favour of the piano being stored on the stage.

Cllr Perry suggested due to the disagreement the return of the piano should be considered which would allow it to be more available to the public.

After a discussion it was decided a meeting between the concerned people would be the best way forward.

Arts Centre Manager’s report

Janet Farmer spoke about her written report and highlighted the Platform Event where over 2,000 had attended.

There are still outstanding invoices but will present a financial review as soon as possible.

There will not be an autumn brochure because of the impending building work.

Cllr Perry asked if there could be clarity on when the council can use the facilities?

It was agreed to set the dates for the Mayor Making annual meeting and Pock has talent.

Cllr Perry requested a letter be sent to the Care Quality Commission organiser asking them to more widely advertise when open meetings are held.

Summer Fair review

The Mayor thanked Cllrs Cox, Winterton and West whose hard work had made it the success it was.

Next year’s event will be held on Saturday 30 July with a similar format although paid bands will be considered.

Arts Centre Management team

The Mayor discussed the minutes of the Pocklington Arts Centre Management relating to membership of the committee.

Councillor Hutchinson agreed to take on the role of councillor representative.

Footpath update

Update on the state of the footpath between the town and the doctors surgery. Councillors had decided at the Road Safety committee to write to the chief executive at ERYC. If a meeting is granted Cllr Sykes and Perry together with the clerk to meet with him.

Arts Centre First Floor

Time Scale including the successful outcome of the bid to WREN to repair the Studio floor.

Cllr Perry reported on the meeting with Mason Clark which was successful.

Agreement was reached for a time chart to be produced which must list how the Arts Council money is to be spent by 31.3.16.

Financial statement

Pocklington Town Council and agree payments proposed by Cllr Shepherd, 2nd Cllr Perry and agreed.

Cllr Perry proposed that where payments over £4,000 are to be made prior notification to the council should be made. 2nd Cllr Sykes.

Cllr West then proposed an amendment ‘where payments over £10,000 are to be made prior notification to the council should be made’. 2nd Marron.

This amendment was carried. The first proposal was therefore lost.

List of burials

To agree the list of burials Cllr Cox proposed the burials of Lilian Sleightholme and headstones for Wendy Carter, Muriel Beadleand James Robert Cornell be agreed. 2nd Cllr Jones and agreed.


Cllrs Cooper & Jones to attend the 2015 ERNLLCA conference. 25 Street naming It was agreed the policy of this council should be adhered to – that of naming new developments after the war dead or allocating historical names.

As the youth club in New Street was built by Thomas Grant a noted local architect and builder they feel the name of the youth club site should be Grant Close. 30.

Cllr Shepherd proposed the Gateway Group be awarded £200. 2nd Cllr Cooper and agreed.

After a discussion it was decided the council could not support the Minster Rail Campaign as it was thought to be cost prohibitive. 37. The grant from WREN was welcomed.

Consider the Town Clerk’s report. The report was noted.

After a discussion it was agreed the Mayor & Cllr Hutchinson would speak to Richard Dixon before appointing him as our Internal auditor.

Accept minutes of Development & Marketing 210715 Cllr Cox proposed they be accepted 2nd Shepherd & agreed. Road Safety 050815 Proposed by Cllr Sykes 2nd Cllr Cooper and agreed.

Receive reports from any other meetings – Gateway etc. Consider written reports to be submitted for prior circulation.

Consider closing the meeting to the public.

Cllr West proposed ‘In view of the confidential nature of the business about to be transacted it is advisable in the public interest that the press and public be temporarily excluded and they are instructed to withdraw’ 2nd Cllr Ratcliffe and agreed.

Succession planning for Town Clerk. A discussion took place and it was agreed an updated job description for the clerks post should be agreed by the Personnel committee prior to the recruiting process.

For more details on the work of the town council visit www.pocklington.gov.uk.