Pocklington Lifestylers tell the tooth about sugars

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Five friends from Woldgate College Pocklington are determined to inform local children and parents on the dangers of hidden sugars found in soft drinks.

The group – The Four Leaf Clovers are taking part in the Humberside Police Lifestyle challenge 2014 over the Summer. Lorna Blackmore,15, Maisie Blackmore, 13, Charlotte Burns, 13, Sarah Madeley, 13, and Megan Price, 13, have been visiting local primary schools to give a presentation they have christened SMILE.

Lorna said: “We heard on the news that the biggest reason for primary school children to be admitted to hospital is because of tooth decay – almost 26,000 children have been taken into hospital this year to have several teeth extracted.

“We found this really hard to believe and we think this is so sad when it can be avoided so we wanted to try to make a difference by letting children know how to look after their teeth better and to show them how much sugar is in the pop they’re drinking.”

The girls asked for help from Dental practises and dental companies to gather information together.

Oral health educator Kirsty Harland also came along for the morning and helped the girls with their presentation.

Kirsty spoke to the girls and assisted them with their first workshops and presentations in Melbourne Primary School.

The aim of the workshops was to make children aware of hidden sugars in their diets, especially drinks and to highlight the importance of good oral hygiene and the use of flouride.

“Following their success at Melbourne Primary School the girls went on to give their own presentation to other schools in the area.

Maisie Blackmore said: “We have learnt a lot from this too. It’s scary when you realise how much sugar is hidden in soft drinks.”

Adult Adviser for the team, Kate Blackmore, said: “I am so proud of the girls they have worked really well as a team on this project.”

As part of the presentation the team have put together a video to put across the main points of looking after your teeth this can be found on Youtube –Smile Video Star Maisie Blackmore For more info visit www.dentalhealth.org