Pocklington hosts two-day extravaganza

Pocklington hosted an action-packed festival of performance over the weekend.

#LittleFest, short for the Little Festival of Everything, was held as part of On Our Turf, a new Arts Council-backed project that aims to bring the local arts community and businesses together alongside national artists to create exciting events in four market towns across the region, including Pocklington.

Jonathan, Anna and Isobel at Costa (Littlefest NPOC ROG190939).

Jonathan, Anna and Isobel at Costa (Littlefest NPOC ROG190939).

Pocklington Arts Centre has teamed up with York Theatre Royal for the two-year project.

#LittleFest featured live music, theatre, dance, story-telling and much more at venues all across the town.

Activities cropped up in restaurants, shops, cafes, pubs, Pocklington Arts Centre and Burnby Hall Gardens.

On Our Turf producer Alex Wright said: “We had a great weekend in Pocklington. As with all these festivals, they are all firsts, so we are learning so much as we go.

“Some stuff was a brilliant success, other stuff we could have put in different places at different times, we know we need wet weather plans, we have had great feedback from all the venues who took part.

“We are, as ever, so very grateful to everyone who gave their time, care, space and imagination. The venues, artists, volunteers and audience are all golden.”

More pictures in 19 September Pocklington Post.