Pocklington elects two new councillors

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Pocklington has elected two new town councillors and they have received a warm welcome by residents and fellow councillors.

Jo Green and Dean Hodgson have been elected as the new town councillors after voters had their day yesterday. 

The turnout was 17.5 per cent with 1,120 ballot papers returned.

Six candidates were up for election with Richard Bryon missing out on the top two spots in third place. 

Mayor of Pocklington Cllr David Sykes has welcomed the two new councillors. 

He said: “I have known Jo from way back. She use to be on the Council some time ago. She’s very involved with various things in the town and I think she has been a first class candidate. 

Dean is a very popular person I have listened to many people speak highly of him. He made every attempt to see going to be involved with and I met him in person not long ago. 

“He seems very knowledgeable on certain civic meetings. 

“I am absolutely over the moon and I am looking forward to working with them both.” 

Jo Green received 623 votes while Dean Hodgson received 548. 

Richard Bryon received 349 votes, Andy Strangeway received 239 votes, Cath Gledhill received 210 votes and John Kitchener received 154 votes.