Pock steam roller being restored

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AN HISTORIC steam roller once used to flatten the roads in our region is being restored back to its former glory.

According to its owner, Jon Turner, the 1925 Aveling and Porter steam roller was first owned and used by Pocklington Town Council, then called Pocklington Rural District Council. It was also used by East Riding Council until it was sold nearly 50 years ago.

Mr Turner bought the roller from a private seller and is planning to repair and refurbish the machine to get it looking like new and in working order again.

The design and development engineer said: “It is a hobby, basically.

“I have restored three classic lorries before and numerous classic cars but never a steam engine.

“A lot of money and a lot of work needs doing for it to meet health and safety regulations.”

He expects to invest about £10,000 on the restoration project, which he believes will take him roughly five years to complete.

Mr Turner, who lives in Cumbria, has being carrying out research into the history of the machine, using internet forums and an online traction engine register, which has information about existing steam vehicles.

He said: “So far I have managed to confirm that the engine was new to Pocklington RDC and was used by them and East Riding Council.

“In 1962 East Riding Council made a decision to get rid of it.

“It was then owned by a family in the area.

“I am the sixth owner of it.”

The 26-year-old is hoping Post readers might have some more information or know somebody who might have further details about the steam roller.

If you would like to contact Mr Turner with information then call 07793 274728 or email JTurner12@slb.com.